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Whether it's losing 60+ lbs or going through contest prep for a show, most people know what they would like to accomplish, but don't know the fastest, safest, and most effective way to get there. Our goal is to provide the necessary education, motivation, and support you need to succeed.


Head Coach Aaron Sparenberg

  • IFBB Classic Physique Pro

  • Ronnie Coleman RCSS Sponsored Athlete

  • Gorilla Wear Sponsored Athlete

  • 20+ Years Experience in the Industry

  • Has Led Multiple Athletes to a Pro Card

Why get on a blood type diet?


    A one size fits all approach to nutrition DOES NOT WORK. Research indicates that blood type is a key genetic factor that influences many areas of health and well-being. Knowing your blood type is an important tool for understanding how your body reacts to food, stress, and more. Blood antigens are not just in your blood! They're everywhere in your body including the digestive tract, thus affecting  how you react to food.

    When you eat, a chemical reaction occurs between the food an your blood. Simply put, when you eat a food containing protein lectins that aren't compatible with your blood type, the lectins target an organ or bodily system and can begin to interact with the tissues in that area.

     At ABBS we create the perfect diet for you to optimally use proteins, carbs, and fat. You'll look better, you'll feel better, and you'll achieve your goals faster - PROVEN AND GUARANTEED

    It all starts with our assessment. First we find out a little about you and your good and bad habits including diet, sleep, physical activity, occupation, your goals, and physical and medical history. Then a blood analysis is done to figure out your blood type and pH balance to let us know what food work best for you specifically.


     We then put you on a scale that sends a small electric shock through the body which gives us your body fat percentage including the number layers of visceral fat, your hydration levels, bone density, lean body mass, health age, and more. We also take before and after pictures to not only giving you your visual starting point but to analyze your static posture as well.

      From there we take all this information  to create a custom blood type/pH balance specific diet and a totally custom training plan based on your stats and your goals.

    We look at your daily habits, previous workout experience, strengths and weaknesses, and posture to help us create the most personalized and effective training plan for your body.

    These workouts are designed to change and challenge you. They include key elements of weight lifting, circuit training, cardio, and flexibility, and may include some exercises and styles you've never seen before. Exercise alternatives are also available to keep your body guessing and to keep things interesting.

    You can't go wrong with a totally custom, periodized training plan built specifically for you. Now add your blood type/pH balance specific diet on top of that and you're building your road to success.


Our custom training plans:

Know your starting point:

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